Head Teacher Message

Welcome to our website. It is a matter of great happiness that Nasirabad Govt. High School has introduced its website to keep you well informed of all the information and activities of this institution.

When the school was founded, it was established in the belief that an educational experience based on academic excellence to the proper development of young people for responsible citizenship in a democratic society.

I feel honored having the opportunity to share my views and thoughts through this website. I am lucky to be entrusted to the noble task of education. I believe, education is the process of enlightenment – a journey from darkness to light. Over the ages, education was merely informative. The child was treated as a pitcher into which the teacher poured facts, truths, laws, principles, ideas, thoughts etc. Intellect was developed to the neglect of other phases of personality. But the new concept of education – philosophically involved, psychologically developed and socially based is emerging. This institution has also adopted this new concept of education. The motto of this institution is also designed focusing this view. Its motto is “Education for life”. It aims at multidimensional development of a student. That's why main objective is to follow a comprehensive program by perfectly blending academic, games & sports and co-curricular activities to conform the physical, mental, moral, emotional, social and spiritual growth of the students. In this regard we also expect whole support of the parents and welcome all their suggestions for the overall improvement of their wards. We give great emphasis on making a strong bond among the teachers, students and parents.

Our plan is to instill knowledge and other skills in our students in such a way so that they can apply those by their own creative faculty and thinking level. This kind of education system will help them to compete in their country as well as in the international arena. We all know today's modern world is a global village and every nation is a member of this village. To become an active member of this village we need to achieve academic excellence, only then our future generation can lead themselves towards the way of globalization and be successful in achieving a high mark of appreciation.

I believe that success of any educational institution solely depends on the development of its vision, strategy of work and a good compact teamwork. With this view, Nasirabad Govt. High School has ventured to present the country a good responsible citizen. We have a great vision of seeing this institution reach the apex of its success in every way so that this institution earns a long lasting reputation of imparting the best education to the students of Primary, Junior, Secondary and Higher Secondary level. Apart from having a high vision, Nasirabad Govt. High School has some more pragmatic plans for the future which are designed to be the effective aids for the progress of this institution as well as its students. Our aim is to stimulate and activate the creative faculty of the students with their blooming ideas. We'll do our best in inspiring them immensely to think freely and express their views independently. I am sure this will help the students in procuring outstanding results. I am optimistic that everyone's joint effort can help us in achieving a leading position in the field of education not only in Bangladesh but also in the international field.

I wish a very bright success of this institution and set high hopes of seeing the vision of Nasirabad Govt. High School to be grounded on reality in near future.

Thank you all and wish you a very happy and peaceful life.